How Playtech’s iPoker Works


Out of all the games that are produced by Playtech, one of the very popular games featured on online casino sites is iPoker. This poker platform you can find here at this site and used by major online gaming sites in more than 20 countries around the world.


Because the platform is so widely used, there is a clever system set up to make it operate more efficiently for everyone. The problem that some online sites come to is that they don’t have enough users on at the same time to make the game fun for everyone. Instead, Playtech’s iPoker connects all players using the platform together on a unified server.

This means that if you want to play poker with an online casino using Playtech, you’ll be playing with people from all over the world who are playing on the same or separate casino sites. No matter where the other users are coming from, the game play is seamless and smooth, and you will never run out of opponents for each round.


Since so many different casinos are playing on the same platform, how do they design the poker room to look right for each site? Currently, Playtech designs a stock poker table and playing graphics, but they allow each individual site to customize the look in the way of individual branding. They call these branding skins, and every online casino can add their own to their iPoker platform.

Although each player might be playing on a different casino site, none of you will ever be able to tell as only you can see the branding on your screen. All you know is that there are other players at your table, you can’t tell what other casinos they might be using to play the game with you!
Best Playtech Casinos Games

Nowadays casino games are so presented in various forms and shapes. Because of this, customers have never been more interested in trying different options provided by online casino industry. In that terms the question of safety has risen as the most significant one among its users. Here you can find what are the safest options regarding online casino games.

In the begining try to play blackjack as you have the greatest chance to win. It is highly recommended game from casino users in terms of facility and performance. We can give you some examples of latest games as Blackjack Lucky lucky, 21+3 Blackjack or Single deck Blackjack. Moreover, there are some proven data that Blackjack gives you possbility to win ranging form 44-48 percent. However, you have to be careful and stop when you feel sufficiency.

In the second place we can put craps- typical dice game with 50-50 odds to win. It can be little scary for beginners when they see its platform, especially in face to face version, but after a while and with some experience your scare will vanish.

Additionally you can choose the most famous game in the casino offer- so fascinating Roulette. This is very simply game as you bet on numbers. If you hit the number you will double your bet. So attractive and easy! We can propose some newest and safe versions as Key Bet roulette, live Roulette, American, European or French Roulette.

Finally, if you are immersed in playing slots you must know that with more money you give the better chance to earn you have. When you put max bet on slots machines your oods to win will be greater than with putting only 2-3 cents. Try to be wide awake, to play seriously and responsibly and you will win for sure.